Government Vital Documents

YPB offers solutions for Governments to PROTECT their Vital Documents that include ID cards, Visas, Passports, Vehicle Labels and many other applications.

Smart Security Packaging and Labeling for Brands

YPB offers a wide range of Smart Security Packaging and Labeling solutions that can be incorporated into almost any material and offer cost effective strategies to PROTECT the integrity and value of products and brands in high-risk markets.

Retail Anti-theft

YPB offers you the latest technology in Retail Anti-Theft and Labeling solutions effective for mainstream retailers, boutiques and exporters to PROTECT against theft.

IP solutions & Forensic Services

YPB’s IP solution specialists will work with quality brands and Governments, to develop bespoke brand protection strategies and solutions that will allow brands to PROTECT their products and end customers.

Secure Supply Chain

YPB offers secure supply chain solutions to Governments, Banks and brands wanting to ensure the integrity of your supply chain using a combination of YPB’s PROTECT technology and Secure Track and Trace solutions, delivering RealProtection for high value documents, brands, products and customers.