YPB offers a wide range of Smart Security Packaging and Labeling solutions that can be incorporated into almost any material and offer cost effective strategies to PROTECT the integrity and value of products and brands in high-risk markets.


Product Authentication

Authentication utilizes a forensic solution like a YPB Forensic Covert Tracer or YPB Secure Digital Authentication. It can be a combination of multiple technologies for exponentially stronger protection. Visible secure solutions display a brand’s clear intention to protect its IP and reputation from counterfeiters. YPB Secure Digital Authentication can be used to create an avenue toward Customer Engagement.

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Forensics & IP Consulting

Forensics & IP Consulting services review existing in-market counterfeits and authentic product packaging to determine potential security threats. This approach yields more effective results and provides ongoing monitoring as part of a complete brand protection strategy.

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Customer Engagement.

Customer Engagement turns packaging into a sales tool, as YPB Secure Digital Authentication touchpoints become Customer Engagement triggers. These could be warranty registrations, feedback forms or a variety of other engagement types, creating opportunities to cross or upsell as well as learning more about customers.

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YPB Secure Printing

Our Secure Printing service is provided through YPB’s global network of printers and packaging specialists. Printing and manufacturing packaging at our secure facilities means the finished product is ready to integrate into a company’s existing packing and distribution processes.


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Product Security

Product Security integrates product security measures (anti-theft technologies) at the packaging stage to reduce shrinkage and tampering at point of sale.

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