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An ethical investment with long term promise.

A sweeping global trend is an emerging, a pan-Asian, middle-class estimated at 807 Million people. A larger group of people have expendable wealth and are willing to pay for better products and authentic brands. This fact has spurred on the counterfeit industry that YPB is fighting.

  • At the same time the world is undergoing a massive decline in traditional mass marketing, leading to the age of direct Customer Engagement.
  • Rapid evolution in Government documents. As counterfeiters become increasingly sophisticated and nefarious, Governments need to stay ahead by enhancing their Vital Documents with new, unable to be copied technologies.
  • YPB PROTECTS brands against counterfeit, affected perception of quality, lost markets and revenue.
  • YPB PROTECTS Vital Government Documents in a world where there is a rising threat of terrorism.
  • 3 clear sources of revenue: Brand Protection, Customer Engagement and Government Vital Documents
  • Rich solution suite including patented and proprietary solutions.
  • Success via engaging Governments for the protection of passports and vital documents.
  • Unique market position in China as the only licensed company that sells invisible tracers.
  • YPB Secure Digital Authentication becomes a lead-in to proximity engagement.
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Mass marketing is dead.

General demographic targets
General geographic relevance
Expensive to maintain brand presence
Difficult to convert purchase intention
No way to qualify success of campaign
No individual customer feedback
No ongoing database

Intelligent customer engagement.

Individual targeting
Location & time specific engagement
Very low cost of total operation
Intention can be converted immediately
Campaigns backed by completeanalytics
Direct two-way dialogue with customers
Complete data accumulates over time

Direct engagement marketing offers brands the opportunity to build intimate, active and ongoing relationships with customers.

Check Out customer engagement

Multiple sources of revenue. Rich solution suite. Unique position.

Three clear sources of revenue – brand protection, customer engagement and government.
Rich solution suite including patented and proprietary solutions.
Unique market position in China – being the only company licensed in China that sells invisible tracers.
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End-user authentication becomes a lead-in to proximity engagement (without the authentication, people are less likely go out of their way to engage with a brand)