customer engagement

YPB’s Customer Engagement literally puts peace-of-mind into the hands of the customer. This creates endless opportunities for brands to develop direct relationships, promote their products and gain a deeper understanding of the people who buy their brand. 


Proactive technologies allow a customer to initiate contact with the brand. Achieved through QR Code, NFC or Image Recognition, this does not need a proprietary app and can be extended for tracking and tracing a product upstream in the supply chain.


Reactive technologies engage customers through a smartphone once they enter a specific proximity and are ‘prompted’ by the brand via beacons or through a wifi connection. Specific Foot Traffic Sensors can be used with these technologies to track crowd movement.

Secure Digital Authentication

Customer Engagement can extend to YPB Secure Digital Authentication, whereby a customer can verify the authenticity or the source of a product they are interested in. After the YPB Secure Digital Authentication has introduced itself to a customer the ensuing relationship may lead to a variety of other Customer Engagement possibilities such as the issuance of a warranty, promotions, cross- and upselling. Ultimately leading to loyalty, brand advocacy and increased sales.


Digital Storytelling

Customer Engagement can enable marketing with real world digital story telling, where a brand’s marketing can be more expansive with its messaging using POS and product-based triggers.


Quality Databases

Utilising both proactive and reactive technologies you can create rich customer databases. Depth of data enables you to build more meaningful communications to deepen the customer relationship by offering value they appreciate. This will lead to brand loyalty, advocacy and higher sales.


Tailored Messaging

Database Driven Tailored Messaging bonds collected information with a selection of outgoing messages, tailors a brand’s message to an individual recipient based on their profile, location and time of day.

Interaction & transaction

People are increasingly comfortable with transactions through their personal, secure device like smartphone. This allows us to drive the Customer Engagement from interaction to transaction. For example, a customer could ‘tap’ a NFC enabled concert poster to instantly purchase tickets.

Welcome, Mr Anderton

Technologies like Beacons, NFC, Wifi and apps are utilized to identify a user in-store. This allows us to deliver real-time, more customized messages based on a customer’s known profile using in-store digital display as well as smartphone. Creating a uniquely memorable retail experience.


Complete control

YPB CONNECT Platform enables marketing managers to autonomously run and monitor their campaigns with full reporting capability for an ‘in touch’ view of how customers interact with their brand.