business cards

YPB also designs QR and/or NFC enabled business cards with pre-built functionality that can be used by the cardholder through the YPB Connect Platform. Here is how:

YPB is able to use two types of technologies in business cards. QR code, which is easily serialized and cost effective and NFC, which doesn’t even require an APP to be installed for it to be read.

Reporting and Customization

Connect Platform provides reporting and customization functionality.

Basic Features

Basic functionalities include a Digital Bio, a Connect App and Geo-location, as well as instantly transferrable contact details, instant card configuration and knowing when and where your card is being scanned.

Advanced Features

Encompassing Weblink URL, App, and File Download your business card becomes a real-life hyperlink.

Be a local, anywhere.

Multilingual Accessibility lets you carry one card almost anywhere in the world and it will be localized.

Tools for digital natives.

Presentations and video harness the power of digital technology to reach your customers.

Know more.

Subscriptions, Forms and Social Media lets you engage with prospective clients and build more detailed, customer databases.