foot traffic analysis

Foot Traffic Analysis charts the movement of people in large areas such as shopping centers, public transport areas, sporting arenas or other public spaces and closed indoor environments like retail spaces. It allows our clients a bird’s eye view of crowd movement, which leads to a better picture of why they move, where they go and how to direct foot traffic for a desired response.


Beacons, Foot Traffic Sensors and Wi-Fi are multiple technologies that can be aggregated to track crowd movement and yields in order to visualize a mapping of movement.

Analyse, measure and report.

YPB’s Analytics Platform measures and reports on a broad range of parameters including passing traffic, direction, ebb and flow, specific locations and dwell time.


Every retailer's dream.

For retailers, Foot Traffic Analysis optimizes floor space, store layout and the effectiveness of POS while also evaluating customer behavior.

Public Areas

In public areas, we can measure traffic flow and direction, visitor frequency and visiting times. These measurements generate a large quantitative database, a traffic flow report and improved ways to mange public areas.

better events

For events, Foot Traffic Analysis helps direct the flow of people by improving directional guidance and ‘way finding’ effectiveness. Tracking crowd movement also allows event organizers to mark and correct any anomalies.