forensics and ip CONSULTING

YPB’s IP solution specialists will work with quality brands and Governments, to develop bespoke brand protection strategies and solutions that will allow brands to PROTECT their products and end customers.

YPB Forensics and IP Consulting provide a complete Forensic Authentication and metrics package that allows IP owners to monitor and manage programs on levels far more advanced than other companies. Our Government, financial institution, product and services clients have used this invaluable offering and we believe our broad range of security services would greatly benefit any organization that chooses YPB as a partner. Here is how:

Brand Security Consulting

Brand Security Consulting deliver an unbiased assessment of a client’s product/technology, pointing out any potential threats to its authenticity. YPB can also do an adversarial analysis (reverse engineering) of technologies in order to provide a complete threat assessment to a product’s authenticity.


Investigation Support Services

Investigation Support Services examines, compares and reports on existing counterfeit products and operations in order to build strong and viable Anti-Counterfeit strategies. 

By investigating and reporting the potential source of a counterfeit we help brands stop or limit the distribution of it. 

Security Design

Using our breadth of security technologies and if necessary other technologies in partnership, YPB works closely with our clients to create a made-to-measure ‘security design’ that meets the high-security and Brand Protection challenges particular to that brand, product or Government Secure Document.

In-house support

Brand Protection Support Services provide clients with the needed support to execute and maintain in-house, Anti-Counterfeit strategies, giving them the ability and freedom of managing their own product security and Brand Protection in the field.


Tailored solutions

YPB Forensic Laboratory Custom Tailored Solutions review product designs and build in forensic features that are easily distinguishable from conventional manufacturing processes. Integrating key YPB security features into a product’s design without changing the design itself, allows brands and their customers to easily distinguish the genuine from the fake while maintaining brand image.

a history of success

Our experience in this field is as broad as it is enduring. YPB Forensics and IP Consulting have been used to create security strategies for Governments and financial institutions, retailers and brands. It extends to visas, passports and currencies, and products of every category.


passports issued annually with ypb technology


security foil in passports