print management

YPB Forensic Covert Tracers are easily implemented into an existing printing process without having to change the process. Historically it has been used by Governments and financial institutions who have their own secure, closed-loop production. However, we find that more and more manufacturers and brands have a strong desire to utilize this technology for their products. YPB is able to securely integrate Forensic Covert Tracers into a print or manufacturing process on a client’s behalf, to further minimize the chances of counterfeit.


Circle of excellence.

Global Print and Packaging Partnerships have been developed and authorized by YPB, which has brought together manufacturing specialists from around the world to tailor projects specific to our clients’ needs. We provide quality, cost-effective, localized support for any type of product while maintaining the very highest security standards.

Seamless fulfilment.

Integration of our security processes and products is handled by YPB. We can provide clients a complete manufacturing process of their products, as well as work directly with them to fulfill any specific manufacturing requirements. In either instance, YPB can maintain production of the printing and manufacturing of products and what transpires is a seamless, one source solution for our clients.

A guarantee of quality.

Quality Assurance and Production Oversight is borne out of YPB’s wealth of manufacturing, printing and packaging experience. Our extremely varied clientele across multiple industries for projects all over the world is a testament to YPB’s production capabilities.

Complete print management.

Stock control, warehousing and logistics supervision with capabilities for global distribution is a service available to large, national or international operations.