Product Authentication

Whether it is a designer bag, pharmaceuticals, Government Vital Documents or various secure documents, every customer needs to be able to trust the authenticity of what they’ve purchased or been issued. YPB helps achieve this peace-of-mind through its authentication in the following ways:

Forensic Authentication

YPB Forensic Authentication, utilizing Forensic Covert Tracer embedded in a product’s inks, dies or plastics, resulting in the Anti-Counterfeit deterrent becoming part of the product. YPB works with suppliers to integrate the solution into existing processes or can manage the process end-to-end.


Digital Authentication

YPB Secure Digital Authentication is achieved through QR Code, NFC or Image Recognition, optionally bolstered by use of a Forensic Covert Tracer. Complementary implementation such as a unique serial code makes YPB Secure Digital Authentication ideal for customer verification. It is cost effective and can be ‘up-streamed’ to produce a YPB Securetrack solution. Once a shipment has reached its destination, YPB Secure Digital Authentication can be repurposed to become a digital touchpoint for a customer.

Nanotag Authentication

YPB Nanotag Authentication utilizes invisible nanocrystals embedded into a product which forms an individualized Nanotag, readable by a proprietary smartphone application. This revolutionary new technology represents the latest innovation in product security.