Product Security

Our Anti-Counterfeit technologies also extend to Anti-Theft technologies for retailers. Since 1989, we have helped a myriad of retailers protect themselves from a shoplifting industry that results in losses that run into the billions. In Australia alone, shop theft is estimated to be an AUS$2.7 Billion problem per annum. YPB has built specific security measures to combat this. 

Concept tag anti security

Concept Tag

Recognised as the World’s most secure Tag offering with results of up to 70% reduction in theft.

Concept Tag from YPB provides a revolutionary unique locking mechanism that makes it impossible to replicate the removal process or be released by traditional detachers.

Electronic Tag

Traditional Electronic Tags have evolved dramatically in size and functionality since the 1960s when the first electronic tags were created. Hard reusable tags, ink and alarming tags combined with disposable labels make up the majority of our products, which protect vulnerable, retail stock. These are removed or deactivated by the cashier at the point of sale and reused.


Meat tags

Meat Tags were specifically developed for one of the Australia’s leading food retailers to combat the multi-million dollar meat theft problem. Meat theft is widely accepted as one of the top three items stolen by dollar value in Australia. The Anti-Theft, microwave safe label was incorporated into pricing labels. These labels can either be applied in-store, printed in-store through the retailers own weigh scales or at the meat packing plant.


Max Wrap

Max Wrap is a ‘one time use’ security label integrated into a polypropylene wrap so it encloses a box or package. This makes it a secure, easy-on-the-eye security solution that doesn’t interfere with the look of a product while providing an effective, anti-theft measure.


Alarming Tags.

Alarming Tags are able to set off an alarm when tampered with in-store or when a tagged item is taken through the security gates without being paid for. Once the alarm is set off, Alarming Tags can also alarm the gates resulting in the shoplifter being identified immediately.


Bottle Security Tags & Caps

YPB’s bottle security cap can attach to more bottles than any other bottle security cap on the market. The cap securely covers the top of the bottle, removing any chance of the bottle being opened and its contents stolen or consumed in the store. The security cap will also trigger the store alarm system if passed through the EAS Pedestal Gate.

Gates and Detection Systems.

Gates & Detection Systems is a YPB supplied range of AM and RF EAS gates. This is the detection hardware that senses the tags or labels when an attempt is made to shoplift a product. An alarm sounds at the exit if this occurs.