Secure Printing

Covering the range of Government Vital Documents, YPB’s Secure Printing Solutions and Services help PROTECT the integrity of the Vital Documents. Here is how:

YPB has a range of covert and overt technologies, some of which are considered the industry standard and some that are proprietary to YPB.

Forensic Covert Tracer

A proprietary technology that when applied is invisible, virtually indestructible and only detectable with a YPB Scanner.


Varisec (Variable Security Foil) embeds security features in a non-embossed and non-holographic hot stamping foil. To date, it has already been used in over 100 million issuances of ePassports. YPB Forensic Authentication also enables 3rd level security images to be included in the foil.


Mul-T-Gram innovatively combines holography and Varisec technologies - proprietary to YPB. It integrates covert and overt security features while various technologies such as stoke can also be embedded. 

Multisec Fibres™

This type of secure fiber is embedded into the vital documents of Governments and financial institutions but its application is easily extended to products that require a heightened level of authentication.

Multisec™ Thread

Security Thread which has multiple integrated security features such as UV Fluorescent effect, YPB’s visible tracer, YPB’s Invisible tracer and Bi-component image.

Unequalled capability

combined authentication

We can combine existing Anti-Counterfeit technologies such as holograms and IR inks to create stronger document security with a greater deterrence level against counterfeiters.

internal reproduction

We have a broad range of reproduction methods available at YPB’s own secure printing facility in Mexico, where we not only design secure documents but we can also manufacture sensitive, Government Vital Documents or national currencies with our Intaglio printing capability.

secure turnkey supply

We have the ability to provide end-to-end secure document supply from evaluation to design, implementation, material acquisition, manufacturing, secure storage and delivery. This creates a YPB protected chain of custody.

Tried and true

We possess a deep understanding and knowledge of Government project criteria, having spearheaded security projects for passports, visas and currencies for Governments in Asia, Australia and North America.


Digitally Integrated

YPB’s CONNECT Platform gives clients the ability to integrate unique security solutions and secure documents that can be tracked and identified resulting in a higher level of distribution and collection-related verification.