YPB Securetrack 

YPB Securetrack allows manufacturers and logistics companies to integrate our solutions with existing systems or as a standalone solution. YPB Securetrack offers visibility and real time tracking at item, unit, box and pallet level. Even in fast moving, complex supply chains – YPB Securetrack provides transparency from origin to destination.


Track. Trace. Secure.

YPB Securetrack (QR/NFC) is a scalable solution integrated with our proprietary platform, giving you tracking ability and shipment reports. Each item with a unique code can be ‘digitally followed’, grouped into coded boxes and collated into coded pallets. This allows a shipment to be broken down and rerouted to various storehouses, while maintaining full visibility and verification of the original shipment throughout its journey.


Secure App

Shipments can be scanned, verified, checked in or out by the registered users of a secure app to ensure the shipment’s integrity at all times.

Digital + Forensic

 The inclusion of our proprietary, Forensic Covert Tracer – in a QR code for example - allows for an even more stringent method of YPB Forensic Authentication. This combination of proprietary and digital security makes it virtually impossible to hijack or dilute a shipment through counterfeiting.

Real-time tracking

Shipments can be tracked in real time using the location of the registered user’s phone. For example, we can track the location of a truck shipment by geo-locating the driver’s phone. It is a cost effective security solution that doesn’t require additional hardware or external geosat tracking services.

Smooth Integration

The integration of YPB Securetrack requires minimal intrusion into existing production/packaging and logistics services, which reduces any potential interruption.

Multiple Stakeholders

YPB Securetrack solution is adaptable to manufacturers as well as wholesalers and retailers, ensuring a breadth of authenticity check points.

Reusable Touchpoints

Once a shipment has reached a retailer, the QR codes/NFC tags can be automatically repurposed to become highly useful, Customer Engagement touchpoints.

infinite scalebility

As the CONNECT Platform’s space is virtually limitless, an infinite number of items, SKUs, boxes, pallets, shipments can be tracked and reported in a seamless manner. This digital view of a shipment also makes it easier to flag grey market exports or unauthorized diversion of shipments that is an unfortunate problem in some markets.