1D & 2D Barcodes

YPB’s sophisticated, user-friendly and powerful applications let you and your customers identify brand authenticity and report suspected counterfeit or divergent products, giving you valuable and actionable insight about your customers and products. Through data & analytics capability it offers a channel for deeper engagement, loyalty programs and therefore brand advocacy and more sales.


What is it?

1D and 2D codes, commonly known as barcodes and QR codes, are technologies already utilized in many industries due to the ease of integration to existing process. 

How does it work?

1D and 2D Barcodes can be read using a smartphone app. The user’s smartphone app renders the code down to a string that that can include definitions such as a web link or just a plain number.

What are its applications?

Barcodes allow clients to authenticate their products and track their shipments. YPB Secure Digital Authentication of the product is the strong incentive that drives customer to engage with a brand directly. Collected customer data will enable personalized messaging, promotions and service to keep the conversation going. This Customer Engagement starting from product authentication or anti-counterfeit activity offers customer insight and can lead to increased brand loyalty, brand advocacy and sales. All from a single code.

Key Benefits Summary

Flexibly printed or etched onto a product, packaging or label.

Provides affordable, easy-to-deploy, universal accessibility.

Easy to integrate into existing production processes.

Easy to combine with other YPB Authentication Technologies for effective, individualized, Anti-Counterfeit implementation.

Well-established and recognized by the public.

A single barcode can be utilized for YPB Securetrack, YPB Secure Digital Authentication or Customer Engagement depending on the context of a scan.

Codes generated by YPB Connect Platform are tracked so their usage is monitored.