Beacons are fast growing near proximity technology that allows Customer Engagement through a smartphone without an installation of a specific app. Beacons are small battery operated devices, roughly an inch by an inch in size. They are virtually maintenance free, have a long operational life and are incredibly cost effective.


What is it?

These are small, low energy 2.4 GHz transmitters that run on a long-lasting battery to deliver content, usually through notifications via the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, to a smartphone.

How does it work?

They regularly transmit signals that can be identified and responded to by a smartphones, which then communicates with the beacon to perform a desired action. Beacons are ideal for Customer Engagement and Foot Traffic Analysis applications, since the time a user spends within the range of a beacon is recorded. They can be deployed indoors or outdoors and are linked to the YPB Connect Platform for reporting and campaign management functionality.

Key Benefits Summary

CONNECT to registered app users and deliver content directly to their devices.

Identify a customer’s real time and repeat presence for a deeper understanding of their interests, needs and behavior.

Allows for responsive Customer Engagement.

Maintenance is low cost.

Compact beacons can be embedded almost anywhere, point of sale signage for example, to measure foot traffic, dwell time and routes.