Image Recognition

Image recognition software has been involving tremendously over the past few years, to the point where image of your choice can include any code information instead of a visible QR code.


What is it?

Image Recognition is like scanning a 1D or 2-D barcode, except the image itself serves as the barcode and the app needs to also have the capability of image recognition.

How does it work?

A YPB app converts the image to a code that can trigger any of the content available through the YPB Connect Platform, including authentication and consumer engagement. The customer is connected to brand content by scanning an image viewed through the smartphone’s camera – such as a label, a poster or an icon.

What are its applications?

Image Recognition is ideal for enhancing key brand assets through connected content. The content can be anything from product authentication, enhanced product information, document security or the establishment of a direct dialogue between a brand and customer. This Customer Engagement starting from product authentication or anti-counterfeit activity offers customer insight and can lead to increased brand loyalty, brand advocacy and sales. All from scanning the image.

Key Benefits

For overall branding and design, Image Recognition is far easier on the eye than traditional QR Codes. 

Easy integration of Image Recognition into a client’s existing apps via YPB’s SDK.

Can be retrofitted and used for products already in market so it doesn’t require new printing to take place.

Image Recognition linked to YPB’s platform can be tracked and its usage monitored.

Allows brands to enhance their presence through the delivery of digital content.

Image Recognition campaigns can be re-purposed by the client in real time through YPB’s platform.