The Mul-T-Gram is an integration of Overt and Covert security features. It's  a solution that enhances holography providing a much higher level of deterrence.


What is it?

Mul-T-Gram is not only an advanced security device, but also offers a highly decorative appearance through the many color combinations available in both Holographic and VariSec Foils. 

How does it work?

Mul-T-Gram provides numerous options for co-ordination with designs. Custom images and designs can be micro embossed producing a positive/negative movement.
Mul-T-Gram provides the opportunity to utilize holographic technology at much higher deterrent levels against counterfeiting.

What are its applications?

Used in brand protection through applications like closure labels or warranty labels.

Key Benefits

 Offering higher security option than holograms for more demanding security purposes.