Multisec Fibres™

This type of secure fiber is embedded into the vital documents of Governments and financial institutions but its application is easily extended to products that require a heightened level of authentication.


What is it?

Multisec Fibre has embedded multi security features into a single fiber. It is comprised of Multicolor UV Fluorescent effect, YPB’s visible tracer, YPB’s Invisible tracer and Bi-component image.

How does it work?

After it's embedded into the product or the paper Multisec Fibre can be authenticated by UV lights, IR laser, YPB Audible scanner, Laboratory Microscope, Document Examination Equipment, etc.

What are its applications?

This technology is able to be embedded in the security documents such as banknotes, passports, visas, certificates, etc.

Key Benefits Summary

Enables the integration of high level security features into any document substrate
Easy to Authenticate in some levels
There is a great variety of Security Level Combinations
Can be tailored for each documents’ applications