Multisec™ Thread

This patented, YPB Anti-Counterfeit measure is a cutting-edge, fiber technology specifically designed for high security documents.


What is it?

Security Thread which has multiple integrated security features such as UV Fluorescent effect, YPB’s visible tracer, YPB’s Invisible tracer and Bi-component image. It can be integrated into passport sewing thread or ‘high security paper’ like banknotes.

How does it work?

Multisec Technology has four authentication features: UV Fluorescent lamp for UV fluorescence, a laser pen for YPB’s visible tracer and a YPB Scanner for its invisible tracer and Forensic equipment for Bi-component image.

What are its applications?

MultiSec Technology raises the level of security of vital, paper-based documents such as passports or bank notes.

Key Benefits Summary

A YPB patented technology.

Four unique authentication features.

A history of success with our previous partners who represent various Government and financial institutions.