YPB Nanotag Authentication

YPB Nanotag is a revolutionary new technology developed in United States. YPB solely owns the commercial rights to this micro barcoding technology that is verifiable by any smartphone.


What is it?

Nanotags are color-coded nanocrystals patterned within uniquely shaped polymer microparticles. These smartphone-readable particles can be printed onto product packaging, incorporated into the packaging material itself, or embedded like a tracer. They combine the forensic security of a tracer with the unique ID capability of YPB Secure Digital Authentication.

How does it work?

Nanocrystals ‘up-convert’ low-energy, invisible infrared light into visible infrared light making the barcode crystals visible and readable via smartphone.

What are its applications?

It allows for more secure printing, the ability to YPB Securetrack as well as product authentication. Easily integrated into virtually any manufacturing or printing process, YPB Nanotag is a viable security measure for any industry. Each batch of crystals is custom manufactured for the specific needs of a client so its security is bespoke to your needs.

Key Benefits Summary

Virtually impossible to recreate.

This technology is patented to YPB alone.

Reading a YPB Nanotag does not require specialized technology; using only a smartphone it means that it is universally legible.

It literally puts the power to authenticate at a forensic level into the hands of your customers.

Can be customized affordably for client-, lot-, SKU- or even item-level unique tagging..