Varisec™ Foil

This technology involves the use of covert inclusions and manufacturing trade secrets in a non-embossed (non-holographic) hot stamping foil. Varisec Technology has been utilized in over 100 million e-Passports to date.


What is it?

Varies Technology is a combination of various technologies that can be integrated into a product that is applied via hot stamping processes. No special equipment is required. All the security technologies transfer in normal hot stamping processes.

How does it work?

Variable Securities Foil is a technology that uses covert inclusions to embed security features in a non-embossed  hot stamping foil that can be read by IR laser.

What are its applications?

Varisec technology has already been used in over 100 designs of ePassports to date. Brands with High Security needs are increasingly utilising Varisec technology in multiple applications.

Key Benefits

Due to hot stamping process Varisec technology is difficult and costly to counterfeit.
It also enables the use of 2nd level verification with IR laser and therefore  can’t be copied.
This makes it really difficult to counterfeit and therefore a highly secure technology.