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YPB Connect Platform

YPB Connect Platform offers an easy-access online tool that lets you set up, manage, create and customise campaigns in real time. The platform allows clients to analyse all facets of a campaign via a range of in-depth reports and dashboards. All data can be extracted for integration into external business intelligence platforms for further analysis. 


What is it?

A proprietary, customized, cloud based SAAS that integrates YPB Secure Digital Authentication, YPB Securetrack, Customer Engagement and foot traffic related technologies. YPB Connect Platform tracks device interactions, generates reports and delivers content through your brand’s campaign.


How does it work?

Each digital YPB deployment is linked to the YPB Connect Platform which allows your brand to track and manipulate interactions. Every enabled NFC tag, QR code, image recognition scan or beacon reports each minute interaction back to YPB Connect Platform, including time of day, location, purpose and outcomes. YPB Connect Platform also provides targeted messaging to select and deliver the most effective communication to your engaged customers based on their profiles in our database. YPB Connect Platform gives granular detail of your campaign and an intuitive CMS platform for autonomous deployment.

Key Benefits Summary

Real time global tracking, reporting and alerts.

Round-the-clock support.

Qualitative and quantitative feedback, customer behavior analysis reporting.

A targeted, content creation engine with Customer Engagement.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-scale and easy-to-afford.