The history of YPB

YPB was founded by John Houston, a serial entrepreneur who having successfully built operated and sold businesses all over the world, envisioned that brands increasingly needed to protect against counterfeit and could use this as a unique way to connect to their customers, especially in regard to China where YPB was founded in 2011.

In 2014 YPB listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and in 2015 launched “Connect”, a platform facilitating brands to engage with their customers which we predict will become vital in a world where e-commerce and cross border trade is growing rapidly. In 2018 YPB acquired the global rights to the multi-patented Motif Micro smartphone readable technology which we believe can deliver “certainty of authenticity” to the world. YPB is now a global organisation with offices in Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and USA.

We live and breathe three words – certainty of authenticity – a phrase that comes from our single-minded focus on delivering technology that consumers trust to prove what’s real in a world of fakes … and brands trust to create and maintain a unique bond with their customers.

Development of the first tracer/scanner

When YPB launched its tracer/scanner technology in 2012, it was a game-changer in the industry. It was the first low-cost, invisible, indestructible anti-counterfeit measure that was inexpensive and  easy to introduce to the supply chain. The solution consisted of a covert, invisible to the human eye tracer that could be applied to any product, which can then be scanned using the proprietary YPB scanner. If a user gets a green light, they know it’s genuine, if it’s red the user knows it’s counterfeit.  Today it’s is patent-protected and YPB the only company licensed in China that sells invisible tracer solutions.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange

After 4 years and US$10m of research & development YPB had proven its ability to be a global force in the anti-counterfeit world. So in 2014, with a strong unique customer proposition, IP protection and customer pipeline, combined with a highly experienced Board & Management team, we embarked on a strategic initiative of a public listing in order to raise the fresh equity capital required to take advantage of these opportunities. On August 7th at 10am YPB began trading on the ASX.

YPB Connect customer engagement platform launched

In 2015 YPB announced a world first – a custom-built data analytics engine that aggregates continually evolving data from interactions with its anti-counterfeit and beacon/wifi technologies, called YPB Connect – a unique marketing platform that leverages our technologies to allow business clients to engage with customers based on time, location, product packaging and specific user characteristics.

The world’s first smartphone readable covert counterfeit killer

In August 2018 YPB achieved the most significant technical advance in our history after successfully testing smartphone readability of our highly secure Motif Micro covert anti-counterfeit mark. Smartphone readability of a highly secure anti-counterfeit mark with no need for any additional attachment is so highly prized due to the almost unlimited opportunity for universal, mass market application. The ability to protect against counterfeit and offer customers certainty of authenticity and to then use authenticity as a means to trigger seamless, direct customer engagement is highly valuable to brands across the consumer goods spectrum.

Brands we work with

YPB works with many of the world’s best known brands to protect them from counterfeit and theft and deliver innovative ways to engage with their customers.