Stop fakes.
Prove authenticity.
Drive customer engagement.

Certainty of authenticity from point of manufacture, to point of sale

YPB is a global leader in brand protection and customer engagement. Our a range of revolutionary anti-counterfeit technologies and solutions detect and prove product authenticity throughout the supply chain and trigger engagement between brands and their customers on a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

Smartphone 2 factor authentication

ProtectCode is our highest security anti-counterfeit product – a covert tracer-embedded QR code with a unique serial number. When placed on your product packaging ProtectCode delivers scanner-based authentication throughout the supply chain, as well as 2 factor consumer smartphone authentication, where scans to verify authenticity trigger engagement between the brand and its customers.

The ultimate track & trace solution

YPB’s covert tracer technology can be embedded into printing inks, varnishes, plastics, fibres and more to provide an advanced anti-counterfeit and track & trace measure that’s invisible and cannot be copied or destroyed. A low cost YPB scanner is all that’s needed to read the tracer and prove authenticity throughout the supply chain. 

Bespoke brand protection strategies and solutions

YPB Forensics and IP Consulting provides forensic strategies and solutions that allow Government and Brand IP owners to implement, monitor and manage highly advanced anti-counterfeiting programs. These include threat assessment, investigating existing counterfeit products and operations and bespoke IP and product protection measures.YPB’s history of Government project work means we have vast, invaluable experience in producing secure vital documents and working with security teams in the field.

Anti-tamper, anti-counterfeit, pro-customer engagement

Vintail is our advanced NFC anti-tamper, anti-counterfeit product that lets your customers know if a product is genuine and if it has been opened or tampered with – all with a tap of their smartphone. As with other YPB anti-counterfeit solutions, customer scans trigger deep engagement with your brand by connecting the physical product to the digital realm. 

The smartphone-readable covert counterfeit killer

Motif Micro is the multi-patented, high security, invisible-to-the-human-eye, smartphone-readable anti-counterfeit technology that is exciting brands all over the world. Our ProtectCode is able to have Motif Micro as an embedded covert tracer and in 2019 we’ll be taking the final step to a covert, serialised solution that will mean a Motif Micro embedded brand logo can become it’s own smartphone-readable anti-counterfeit and customer engagement mark!

Leading solutions for vital Government documents

YPB offers a range of cutting edge solutions, some of which are considered the industry standard for Governments to protect vital documents including ID cards, visas, passports, vehicle labels and many others. Our range of solutions include covert tracers, security foils, holography, security fibres and threads with multiple integrated security features such as UV Fluorescent, covert and overt tracer and Bi-component image.

Authenticity triggers engagement.
Right there on your smartphone.

Most YPB anti-counterfeit solutions are indelibly linked to the YPB Connect platform which issues and tracks every code and every code scan throughout the supply chain to the end customer. Each individual smartphone and handheld scanner interaction is reported back to YPB Connect including time of day, location and a whole range of customisable data such as name, address, gender, social media name and more.

YPB Connect also empowers brands to target messaging to previously engaged customers based on their profiles in our database. All this, along with deep analytics and reporting for each marketing campaign and all data can be exported to your favourite marketing platforms.

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