Connect® Sentry

Effective state-wide contact tracing

COVID-19 has upended business operations all over the globe, and the path to any ‘COVID normal’ can only be found in strong, secure and customised data solutions.

At YPB, we have been developing and implementing award-winning tracking and tracing solutions for more than a decade. Working with the world’s leading brands, our brand protection technologies help businesses navigate the complexity of global supply chains, and engage consumers with every interaction.

Our cloud-based YPB Connect Platform is a tried and tested solution that is COVID-19 contact tracing ready. It can be rolled out immediately and scaled up as needed.

Safer communities

• Award-winning contactless check-in system that enables faster tracing of COVID-19 cases

• Meet your COVID-19 mandatory contact tracing requirements and stop ‘super spreaders’ from damaging your business

Repeat customers

• Seamless experience for check-in and check-out that keeps your customers coming back

• AI technology retains details for auto check-in across multiple venues and locations

• YPB QR codes can be scanned by any smartphone

• Data is securely stored in line with privacy regulations

Business growth

• Your unique QR code can include menus, websites, special offers, promotions etc. when used in conjunction with YPB’s Connect Platform

• Get real-time data, understand your customers’ preferences and predict future behaviour

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