Combined holography and VariSec technologies

What is Mul-T-Gram?

Mul-T-GramTM combines holography and VarisecTM technologies (device authenticated hot stamping foil). It integrates Overt and Covert security features. Anti-stokes technology is embedded into the Mul-T-GramTM.

The Mul-T-GramTM provides a high level security feature not available in common holograms.

Key Features

IR Up Conversion embedded in the foil
Positive / Negative switch anti-copy features in the foil

A great product choice for those who admire the hologram, but want a higher level of counterfeit deterrence.

Brand protection labels

Closure labels





Mul-T-Gram is not only an advanced security device, but also offers a highly decorative appearance through the many color combinations available in both Holographic and VariSec Foils.

Mul-T-Gram provides numerous options for co-ordination with designs. Custom images and designs can be micro embossed (see 'MTG' above) producing a positive/negative movement.

Mul-T-Gram provides the oportunity to utilize holographic technology at much higher deterrent levels against counterfeiting.

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