Case Study

Healthy Care

Healthy care

Healthy Care uses YPB ProtectCode® on its range of vitamin and dietary supplement products since 2020

A leading brand in a competitive nutraceutical industry

Healthy Care, a child company of Nature's Care, is a brand with deep Australian roots, founded in 2006 and now one of the most trusted natural health care brands from the island nation. They have state-of-the-art production facilities nestled between two iconic national parks situated on gorgeous Northern beaches.

Like most consumer-focused brands, Healthy Care has strong goals to expand and meet the expectations of its customers. This means that they need to make an investment in providing high-quality products that can be trusted.

Healthy Care Australia - Performance Overtime

Healthy Care Performance Overtime

Taking action against counterfeiting, and delivering genuine products to consumers.

Healthy Care looked to brand protection that provides smart packaging to transform its expansion goals into reality. It looked at multiple options over 6 months and found that to meet their customers' expectations, and create a trust for their product they needed an anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solution.

In conclusion to its exploration for a suitable option. Healthy Care found that ProtectCode® would be their best solution to meet their goals.

The integration of ProtectCode® enabled Healthy Care to automatically optimise its product verification and customer engagement infrastructure. The company is able to focus on creating high-quality products without the hassle of worrying about counterfeiters getting their hands on them. They can export to countries within Asia, and be confident that no one will be consuming a knock-off product!

The YPB team have shown a true commitment to the execution and delivery of a successful QR code roll out for our business. Their communication and support for every project we have worked with them on has been efficient and delivered on time and to budget!

Raj Balumuri

Manufacturing / Production Manager

ProtectCode® engagement results

Using the YPB Connect® platform provided with ProtectCode®; the company noticed a number of increased verification scans throughout multiple Asian countries. This continues to indicate a strong desire from their customers to verify their products, and more importantly to engage to find out more about their product information.

The geographic data provided after someone scans the product aided Healthy Care to optimise marketing and production to those regions which led to an increase in sales.

Smart packaging with ProtectCode has opened a new channel for the company’s customers to engage and drive traffic to their website, in turn, this has led to an increase in sales of their products.

YPB's smart and connected packaging technology was able to seamlessly integrate into the labelling process of Healthy Care’s products. This process transformed every one of their products into a digitally connected product efficiently.

Healthy Care Product QRCode

ProtectCode® performance results

Grew their email database efficiently

Boosted brand engagement each month there has been an increase in scans

Capture additional consumer analytics

Increased e-commerce sales through reselling and cross-selling products on its campaign landing pages

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Perfect pairing serialised QR code with PIN for product verification.


ProtectCode® Plus

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