Connect® Platform

Use your brand’s packaging to connect with your consumers

Connect® Platform: available on any smartphone

Protecting your brand is vital in today’s fast-moving world, but understanding and engaging your consumers is just as important. With our cloud-based YPB Connect Platform your product packaging becomes a global billboard for your brand.

Any YPB brand protection solution can be linked to the Connect Platform. So, when your consumers confirm authenticity using their smartphones you can trigger one-on-one engagement.

Share the provenance of your product, the story of its maker, helpful tips for its use or upsell the rest of your range – anything is possible with the Connect Platform.

The Connect Platform also collects first-party consumer data, so you can continually refine and tailor your marketing across all channels based on verified data insights.

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What can your brand do with the YPB Connect Platform?
Customisable campaigns

Create campaigns with your unique brand identity that are delivered direct to consumers on any device, with real-time activity tracking and reporting.

Receive a return on investment

Verified first-party consumer data is more valuable to brands than ever, meaning any YPB brand protection solution can provide a swift return on investment.

Enable two-way communication

Brands can gather information from their consumers through surveys and feedback forms, and serialise campaigns.

Integrate and customise

The Connect Platform seamlessly integrates with all customised YPB technologies and can interface with your brand’s consumer management software.

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