YPB® Tracer

Your brand’s last line of forensic defence

Why work with YPB®?

When it comes to protecting your brand, you can never have too much security. The YPB® Tracer is a Nanotechnology created using our patented chemical process that can be combined with other products, such as ink, varnish, plastic, fibres and paper. Virtually indestructible and invisible to the human eye, this brand protection solution can literally be merged with your product so it is one and the same, and can be immediately verified using a YPB® Scanner.

The YPB® Tracer can be added at any stage of production without compromising the integrity of your product, and is resistant to extreme changes in temperature. It is also tolerant to acids, alkalis, and solvents and will survive wear, washing, deformation or corrosion.

YPB® is the only licensed company in China that manufactures invisible tracers, and the YPB® Tracer is virtually impossible to recreate. This brand protection solution might be microscopic, but it packs a mighty punch to counterfeiters – contact us today to learn more.

YPB® T2 Technology is verified by SGS, the worlds leading certification company, to meet FDA Food contact requirements for US and China.
Virtually indestructible
Unable to be copied
Designed to integrate seamlessly into any supply chain

Key features of YPB® Tracer

Difficult to recreate. Tracer can be immediately verified using YPB® scanner. Invisible and undetectable to the human eye.

Almost indestructible.

Offers a high level of security that is trusted by brands, Government and financial institutions.

YPB® tracers and additives are third party tested for compliance including US CFR Part 21, 177.1520 (US FDA standard), EU Commission regulation No10/2011 and Sino FDA standards for approved use in components or packaging which come in direct contact with food, beverage and other consumables.

YPB® is a member of the CTAAC (China Trade Association for anti-counterfeiting) and the CSPIA (China Security & Protection Industry Association) and holds a Production License issued by AQSIQ (China’s Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine). YPB®’s tracer is Patent protected and we are the only licensed Company in China that manufactures and sells invisible tracers.


YPB®’s Tracer technology is delivered in universally used substrates or ‘carriers’ including inks, polymers and paper/pulp blends. The Masterbatch products chemically and physically match the raw materials of end user products as specified by their manufacturing or packaging operators.

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