Diatic Emusion Technology

Diatic Emulsion Technology

DET is produced by a colour security foil. The Anti-Stoke Effect will be on the image area. This feature is a higher security level for an application which needs a plain colour via the hot-stamping process.

Gloss paper and board and some matt papers, and rigid PVC. Suitable for rotary, vertical and clamshell presses.
Stamping Temperature
110OC – 145OC for vertical and clamshell
125OC – 150OC for rotary
Clear, blue, green, red, black and orange
Custom manufacture can include overt and covert features printed within the DET.
Roll and Size Specifications
Customer specified.
Customer specified.
Core ID - 25mm or 75mm
Core OD - dependent on length
Lot Numbers
These identification numbers are primarily for internal use enabling complete traceability of all materials and machinery used in the manufacture of hot stamping foil.
Storage Life
2 years under ideal storage conditions
Storage Conditions
Whenever possible, store foil in a controlled atmosphere between 18-21OC, and at relative humidity of 65%. Cool dry conditions are best when a controlled atmosphere is not available. Avoid storing foil in direct sunlight, near open windows, near heat or conditions of dampness. Foil should not be allowed to become physically wet. If long-term storage is required, material should be polybagged and sealed.
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