Customer Engagement & Anti-Counterfeit solutions for Cannabis brands

Smart packaging for Cannabis brands opens a new channel to engage, protect, and build trust with your customers.

Every cannabis product becomes digitally connected opening a new marketing channel to engage your customers

Smart packaging has shown to increase repeat purchases and grow revenue

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your brand and create a moment of trust with your cannabis customers

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for cannabis

YPB’s brand protection technologies create a new way to engage, protect and build trust with your customers.

Smartphone readable cannabis packaging is opening a new marketing channel for brands to engage and connect them directly with their customers.

Packaging can be protected with authentication technologies that protect customers from harmful substances.

Whether you want to engage your customers, protect them, or both then YPB has a range of solutions to fit any brand’s requirements.

As the cannabis industry grows, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to counterfeit products. People are becoming more and more quality-conscious, and YPB technology helps brands cater to that demand.

To ensure your products get the attention, trust, and loyalty they deserve. Reach out to YPB for a unique range of anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions specifically for the cannabis market.

*According to Gallup research, a highly engaged customer brings in 23% more revenue than the average customer.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for cannabis

If you’re looking for ways to protect your investment and ensure customer confidence, connect with YPB for a free consultation. We can help you put the right measures in place that will keep your products safe from counterfeiting, and fraud - ensuring the success of your business for now and into the future.

The cannabis industry shows growth for new business opportunities. Sadly, counterfeiters will do their best to take advantage of a growth market.

Consumers of cannabis could be risking their health by not knowing if the cannabis product they have purchased is genuine. It is essential for cannabis brands to have products that are easy to identify as genuine cannabis products.

A legitimate cannabis brand that isn’t protecting its products from being counterfeited is going to lose not only in revenue but also in trust and reputation. Your customers want a way to make sure they are buying genuine cannabis products.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for cannabis

3 ways to protect your cannabis brand from being counterfeited

The more proactive steps you take to ensure your brand is trusted, the better chances you have for your business to continue to grow.

1 Be passionate about the design of products

The more detailed your product packaging is, the harder it is to counterfeit. Be sure to use hard-to-counterfeit elements such as shapes, lines and colours you use. Common types of fake packaging for popular cannabis brands are used in marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

2 Implement anti-counterfeit labelling features

Having well-designed product packaging and anti-counterfeit protection will help to add an extra layer of security to your products. For example, special inks, coatings and serialised codes added to your products can be scanned by a scanner or any unmodified smartphone.

3 Build trust with your customers, and tell them where to find you

A consumable product such as cannabis is a product that should be taken seriously and with care. The health and safety of your customers are key priorities to keep your business running smoothly.

Counterfeit cannabis products can be laced with dangerous chemicals. So it is essential to be able to tell the difference between a fake cannabis product and your genuine cannabis product. Be sure to communicate with your customers who your retail partners are, and where to get authentic cannabis products.

Allow some space on your product packaging for a QR code. QR codes are a great way to encourage customer engagement. They can connect with your webpage or brand’s app to verify the product’s authenticity and extra access to information such as dosages, potency levels, testing history, effects, side effects and reviews. QR codes can also be useful for marketing purposes, by having promotional content and access to loyalty points for your customers. In addition, you can capture your customers’ first-party data and remarket to them.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for cannabis

Types of Cannabis products in the cannabis market

Cannabis Oil


Cannabis oil can be used in a variety of ways. This has created a high demand for cannabis oils. CBD products are different to marijuana products in that they have a low concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Cannabis oils are used to relieve multiple medical conditions such as anxiety disorder, pain, nausea, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. CBD oils can assist to relieve these conditions without psychoactive reactions.

Cannabis Beauty & Skin Care Products


With the use of cannabis becoming legal in many parts of the world. CBD beauty and skin care products have been developed, and the CBD beauty and skincare market is starting to grow rapidly every year.

CBD is said to have many benefits for consumers of Cannabidiol (CBD) products. One benefit of cannabis beauty and skin care products is the presence of CBD anti-inflammatory properties. Our skin has cannabinoid receptors that react positively to Cannabidiol. Researchers are saying Cannabidiol may be able to battle acne, hydrate the skin, and provide pain relief.

Cannabis Beverages


Cannabis beverages are slowly growing in popularity as the cannabis market grows. We have seen that CBD can be taken orally in the form of an oil. So businesses have now started to create cannabis beverages. Some ways cannabis beverages are being introduced into the market is by water, and one drink that is undergoing a lot of CBD experiments is beer.

Cannabis Chocolates


Cannabis edibles are a mainstream way to get intoxicated (high) due to the potency of cannabis edibles compared to other methods of consumption. These can be great snacks that can alleviate any medical conditions that were mentioned previously. The most popular cannabis edibles that are consumed are cannabis brownies, cookies, and gummies.

With legal cannabis becoming a growth market. Businesses are looking to create cannabis treats to take advantage of the trend. We have access to cannabis brownies, cookies, and gummies, what can companies come up with next? One of these cannabis showing promise is chocolate. CBD chocolate allows companies to create sophisticated marketing campaigns that can increase profits with great margins, more so compared to other edibles such as cookies.

Cannabis Gummies


Looking for a sweet treat but not chocolate? Cannabis gummies are one of the most convenient and fun ways to consume CBD. However, CBD gummies are unregulated and this is tricky for consumers of cannabis gummies to know how much CBD is in them.

Cannabis gummies are non-psychotropic. That means anyone who consumes one won’t get ‘high’. CBD gummies may help with anxiety, stress, and pain-related issues. Those who are looking to experience a ‘high’ can look at CBD gummies that are available with small traces of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive constituent that is responsible for the effects of being ‘high’.

Cannabis Capsules


Cannabis capsules are typically available in their common names, such as THC capsules and CBD Capsules. These CBD capsules are different from other cannabis products, where you don’t smoke or vape cannabis. Instead, the capsules are easy to consume by oral consumption. Medical marijuana-prescribed patients sometimes opt-in to use pills as this is a healthier alternative that provides a potent dose with longer-lasting effects.

Cannabis Dog Treats


Cannabis dog treats are available to pet owners. Dogs that have been in traumatic situations consequently have symptoms of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or both. CBD dog treats can help dogs battle the effects of these conditions effectively. CBD dog treats are also used as a therapy to combat pain, arthritis, seizures and even cancer.

For anyone considering treating their dogs to cannabis dog treats. **CBD itself is considered to be very safe for consumption by dogs or cats. However, pet owners should be cautious first, seek a professional before, and be aware of using THC treats. Some cannabis dog treats could contain THC. The ingestion of THC can cause serious issues for your pet. So be careful of what dog treats you buy, and specifically look for ones that are labelled as CBD dog treats and not THC dog treats.

How Cannabis brands have implemented anti-counterfeit measures to mitigate fake marijuana products

The legal cannabis market is showing signs of growth and fraudsters are looking to get their cut. Unfortunately, this leads to genuine brands being counterfeited where customers are consuming fake and dangerous products.

Scratch-off codes

Regulatory statutes tried to mitigate cannabis counterfeiting with the use of scratch-off codes, which in the end failed to stop cannabis products from being counterfeited. The problem with scratch-off codes is that it requires a single verification process. This method is easy to be copied by fraudsters. Secondly, people are unwilling to go through with the verification process and ignore it.

The reason scratch-off codes failed to deliver meaningful results, is that counterfeit products look genuine, and genuine products were seen as fake if the code had been scratched off or damaged before purchase.

Markings and warnings

The first anti-counterfeit methods to be used in the cannabis industry were simple print labels written with necessary warnings as cannabis brands were instructed by mandated law. The thought behind such a method was to help consumers of cannabis be able to determine whether a product is genuine and legal, or not.

The issue with markings and warning labels are not every business takes an ethical approach. There is no solution for the end customer to tell if a product is indeed legitimate and legal. This left cannabis brands looking for better anti-counterfeiting solutions.

How YPB is helping Cannabis brands detect fake marijuana products and stop adulteration of cannabis products

It is important for your customers to tell whether your cannabis products are fake or authentic. Why? Cannabis brands need to consider that the damage to their bottom line and brand can be significant. Your best action to take is to establish a solution that is highly effective at detecting fake cannabis products, and efficient to integrate into your current operations.

Safeguard your brand in this growing industry with our courtesy solutions:

YPB Overt (visible) product counterfeit protection

Overt security solutions are implemented through the use of serialised QR codes or anti-copy codes. The overt QR codes are different to standard self-generated QR codes, in that they are serialised. Serialised QR codes are QR codes labelled on each product with different serial numbers. This allows the brand to track the number of times a product is scanned, and if the product is scanned too many times the brand and customer will be alerted of the counterfeit product. Covert serialised QR codes can be scanned by any unmodified smartphone through the use of the smartphone’s camera.

Anti-copy codes are recommended for brands that are seeking high-level security against counterfeiters. Anti-copy codes are serialised and different to standard QR codes. Anti-copy codes are scanned by an android or iOS app. The brand and the customer will use the app to verify whether the product is genuine or not. Anti-copy codes are printed at high quality so that counterfeiters who attempt to copy the code will result in having a lower quality print of the code. The smartphone app will not be able to read this code, and consequently, the anti-copy code will stop the counterfeiter from being able to sell his fake products.

YPB Covert (invisible) product counterfeit protection

Covert security solutions are materials that are not visible to the naked human eye. Invisible product security features help brand owners, governments and distributors to verify the authenticity of products. These invisible security materials are materials such as invisible inks and tracer microparticles. To verify the authenticity of a product with these security materials would require a scanning device, either a handheld scanner or an unmodified smartphone.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for cannabis

Anti-counterfeit Protection for Cannabis Brands Visible (Overt) and Invisible (Covert) Solutions

App & App-less Solutions

Digital and material science solutions to protect your brand, engage your customers, and manage your supply chain



Perfect pairing serialised QR code with PIN for product verification.


ProtectCode® Plus

Disruptive anti-copy authentication technology. Easily readable by an unmodified smartphone.


YPB Tracer®

Invisible microparticle technology that can be combined into inks, varnish, plastics and other materials. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



Smartphone readable microparticle technology. Invisible to the human eye. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



The ultimate brand protection solution integrated with ProtectCode serialised codes to enable supply chain visibility, product verification, and customer engagement.

Anti-counterfeiting features transform your cannabis packaging into a global billboard for your cannabis brand

Share valuable and time-sensitive information about your products, the brand story, provenance, and related parts and accessories to the item your customer has purchased. Our apps and landing pages are fully customisable.

Get a clear understanding of geographic and various analytics data to help you optimise production, marketing, and sales.

Prevent your cannabis products from being counterfeited. Get real-time monitoring and alerts for potential counterfeit cannabis products and diversion of goods.

Track and trace is the perfect solution to ensure that you have full visibility of your cannabis products throughout their entire journey from the manufacturer all the way to your customers!

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*The cannabis market is forecasted to grow to $197.74 billion in 2028