Customer Engagement & Anti-Counterfeit solutions for Infant Formula brands

Smart packaging for Infant Formula brands enables you to engage, protect, and build trust with your customers.

Infant formula

Every infant formula tin becomes digitally connected opening a new marketing channel to engage your customers

Smart packaging has shown to increase repeat purchases and grow revenue

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your brand and create a moment of trust with your customers

Protected baby formula helps to promote baby formula brands

Smart packaging transforms your infant formula products into a new marketing channel for customers to engage with your infant formula brand. According to Gallup research, a highly engaged customer brings in 23% more revenue than the average customer.

Price is no longer the most important factor for customer purchasing decisions, they are now demanding more transparency. More than ever before, consumers are wanting to know about a brand's social impact, sustainability, and authenticity.

Product transparency is important. To build consumer trust a brand must let consumers:

  • Voice their concerns and provide direct feedback
  • Feel they can provide input on the direction of products
  • Have visibility into the supply chain journey

YPB has a range of smart packaging solutions to fit any infant formula or dairy brand’s requirements including cryptographic serialised QR codes, anti-copy codes, or invisible smartphone readable technology. YPB solutions can be non-app based or app-based depending on your requirements.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for infant formula

Baby formula counterfeiters continue to succeed in a growing market

Where there are new products there is money to be made. Counterfeiters are always looking at ways to take advantage of baby formula or dairy products. Baby formula or dairy product counterfeiting is done many ways. From label copying, serialised code copying, and QR code copying. Innovative products are dealt a big blow due to not having the right protection functionality.

One way to assist your customers dealing with counterfeits is by informing them through your social media channels on how to spot the difference between a fake and an authentic product. There are better solutions to protecting your products than this. Giving your customers access to technology that assists in their product authentication is key when fighting against counterfeit products. Creating a moment of trust with your band. Re-assuring your customers, leaving them confident in your product and its authenticity.

How big is the problem of counterfeit baby formula?

The problem is only getting bigger with a baby formula shortage due to an extensive product recall as a result of an issue found within a certain brand’s baby formula. Now, counterfeit baby formula is being produced at large. Many parents are looking to stock up their shelves with baby formula and as a result of the baby formula shortage, there is no doubt they will run into counterfeits.

The infant and baby market has shown a steady growth in the last ten years. There is no doubt that the market is expected to grow, with the current growth estimate at $64 billion by 2027. The primary reason is due to the popularity of western brands in Asia, notably in China.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for infant formula

Where are counterfeit baby formula products prevelant?

Fake baby formula is being uploaded and sold on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook,, Alibaba and others. Customers engaging with these profiles aren’t aware they are purchasing a counterfeit baby formula. These baby formula scammers will continue to see sales of their counterfeit formula due to how well they are able to copy a brand’s products. Additionally counterfeiters are adding discounts to products to attract customers looking for a deal.

Aliexpress and Alibaba, are sites known for counterfeits, however only a small percentage, less than 10% of counterfeit products are sold there. This is evidence that compared to the U.S. these sites aren’t as popular as other previously mentioned online shopping platforms.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for infant formula

3 steps to engage and protect your baby formula customers with YPB


Protect your customers and brand while mitigating counterfeits with anti-counterfeit solutions

As a business owner, it's important to do everything you can to protect your customers, and your brand. One way to do this is through the use of smart packaging. YPB provides both overt and covert anti-counterfeit solutions that can be printed onto or embedded into labels:

Visible protection (Overt)

  • QR code serialisation and matching PIN.
  • ProtectCode an anti-copy code.

Invisible protection (Covert)

  • MotifMicro a smartphone readable microparticle technology.
  • YPB Tracer a nanotechnology variable by the YPB Scanner.

YPB solutions can also be combined to create multi-layered protection.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for infant formula


Enhance the customer experience with engaging smart packaging

Smart packaging is packaging that uses technology to engage with customers and track product authenticity. This can help to ensure that your customers are getting the real thing and additionally share your brand’s story after their product has been authenticated. In addition - your brand is able to collect valuable consented first-party customer data. Your customers become an ‘outsourced’ monitoring system that collects data for your products. This will give your business access to data related to location where your product is scanned and how many scans per location.


Track your products in real-time

Real-time product tracking is one of the most important innovations in the packaging industry today. By embedding smart labels into packaging, brands can track their products throughout the supply chain and ensure that they reach consumers in perfect condition. This also helps to protect against counterfeiting as each package can be traced back to its origin.

App & App-less Solutions

Digital and material science solutions to protect your brand, engage your customers, and manage your supply chain



Perfect pairing serialised QR code with PIN for product verification.


ProtectCode® Plus

Disruptive anti-copy authentication technology. Easily readable by an unmodified smartphone.


YPB Tracer®

Invisible microparticle technology that can be combined into inks, varnish, plastics and other materials. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



Smartphone readable microparticle technology. Invisible to the human eye. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



The ultimate brand protection solution integrated with ProtectCode serialised codes to enable supply chain visibility, product verification, and customer engagement.

Smart packaging can help protect your customers and brand while mitigating the risk of counterfeits. Connect today for a free strategy session to see how we can help you leverage smart packaging in your business. Our team has years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world and we would be happy to share our knowledge with you. Let's get started!

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for infant formula

YPB Connect transforms your infant formula product packaging into a global billboard for your baby formula brand

Get to share valuable information of your product, the story of it’s maker, where it comes from, and offer related items to the one your customer has bought.

Get a clear understanding of where and who your products are popular with to help you optimise production, marketing and sales.

Prevent your infant formula or dairy products from being counterfeited. Get real-time monitoring and alerts for potential counterfeit baby formula products.

Track and trace is the perfect solution to ensure that you have full visibility of your infant formula product throughout its entire journey from manufacturer all-the-way to your customers!

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