Customer Engagement + Anti-Counterfeit Protection for the smart and savvy Wine Brand

smart packaging for wine

Every product becomes digitally connected

Smart labels opens a new channel to engage your customers

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your brand and create a moment of trust with your customers

smart packaging for wine

Plain packaging doesn't work anymore. Engage wine consumers with fun, informative, smart packaging that also protects your brand

Getting customers to engage with your brand is a vital part of running any successful business, and wine industries are no exception.

Smart packaging transforms your wine products into a new marketing channel for customers to engage with your wine brand. *According to Gallup research, a highly engaged customer brings in 23% more revenue than the average customer.

YPB has a range of smart packaging solutions to fit any wine brand’s requirements including cryptographic serialised QR codes, anti-copy codes, or invisible smartphone readable technology. YPB solutions can be non-app based or app-based depending on your requirements.

**Counterfeit wines and spirits cost the global industry $3.18 billion in direct sales, and the impact can be felt at many levels.

***It is estimated that legitimate industries loses approximately $1.3 billion of revenue annually due to the presence of counterfeit spirits and wine in the EU marketplace.

smart packaging for wine

YPB’s range of smart packaging technology suite enhances the connection between wine brand and its customers.

Seamless integration

Wine Brand Protection

Increase repeat purchases

Improve marketing efforts with first-party data

YPB provides multiple solutions for wine brands to allow customers the opportunity to authenticate the products they are purchasing.

Anti-counterfeit labels for wine bottles

The wine industry is continuously being targeted by fraudsters by copying genuine brands' products and selling counterfeit wine for a large profit. So how do wine brands step in to stop this from happening?

Wine brands that work with YPB get access to proprietary technology that implements smart labels such as QR codes on wine bottles or taggants applied to tax labels. Customers scan the product before purchasing with a smartphone camera and get an instant authentication solution to mitigate the counterfeit crisis.

Not only are these smart labels adding a layer of protection to your wine bottles but they are creating engagement with your customers. The moment your customers scan your products and verify the authenticity of the wine. Your customers are presented with an interactive custom webpage that is filled with product provenance, product information, and your story - additionally you can implement both loyalty and promotional campaigns to incentivise customers.

smart packaging for wine

Anti-counterfeit Protection for Wine Brands Visible (Overt) and Invisible (Covert) Solutions

App & App-less Solutions

Digital and material science solutions to protect your brand, engage your customers, and manage your supply chain



Perfect pairing serialised QR code with PIN for product verification.


ProtectCode® Plus

Disruptive anti-copy authentication technology. Easily readable by an unmodified smartphone.


YPB Tracer®

Invisible microparticle technology that can be combined into inks, varnish, plastics and other materials. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



Smartphone readable microparticle technology. Invisible to the human eye. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



The ultimate brand protection solution integrated with ProtectCode serialised codes to enable supply chain visibility, product verification, and customer engagement.

YPB Connect transforms your wine product packaging into a global billboard for your wine brand

Get to share valuable information of your product, the story of it’s maker, where it comes from, and offer related items to the one your customer has bought.

Get a clear understanding of where and who your products are popular with to help you optimise production, marketing and sales.

Prevent your wine products from being counterfeited. Get real-time monitoring and alerts for potential counterfeit wine products.

Track and trace is the perfect solution to ensure that you have full visibility of your wine product throughout its entire journey from manufacturer all-the-way to your wine loving customers!

smart packaging for wine

Check out how YPB Connect can engage and protect your customers.

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