MultiSec® Fibres and MultiSec® Thread

Advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions for any brand

Multiple Securities Fibres

Our patented MultiSec® Fibres technology combines two polymers, each containing a security component that co-exist in a single fibre.

Key features of MultiSec® Fibres

IR Up Conversion and UV florescent materials can be seen at the same time using proper excitation.

The product can also be manufactured so that when the Up Conversion is shown, the UV will not be visible and vice versa.

As a third level high security feature, an image can be added to the fibre that is only visible in a ’cross section’ of the fibre under proper excitation.

MultiSec® Thread

This high-security thread is based on YPB’s patented MultiSec® Fibre technology.

Key features of MultiSec® Thread

Like MultiSecTM Fibre, the thread can contain both organic and inorganic inclusions allowing authentication of both IR and UV features to happen either simultaneously or individually, one feature at a time.


Passports, visas, currency, tax stamps, vital records, packaging and brand security labels.

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