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  • How to prevent official documents from being forged, faked, spoofed or tampered with   We are all living in a connected world where most of us spend our time online and our online lives are accessed digitally using protected login information. We’ve become so used to our online information being more important than ever such […]

  • Understanding smart packaging
    BY Troye Weston
    Nov 08, 2022

    The design of product packaging was brought in with the core purpose of protecting the contents of packaged goods. Now in a world with a wide range of products on the shelves in shopping malls. Brands are learning the importance of having effective packaging design in today’s marketplace. One of the ways to accomplish this […]

  •   Governments and brands all over the world, whether brands are in the automotive, cosmetics, apparel, wine & spirits, nutraceuticals, or food & beverage industries are at risk of their products being counterfeited.    Fraudsters are making fake products and using copied labels to make fake products look genuine. This leads to a business losing […]

  • Smart packaging connects the physical with the digital.   Technology embedded in packaging makes a captivating case for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), with the opportunity to minimise costs and increase profits.   Today, a product’s packaging is equally as important as its content.    If you are an FMCG business using plain packaging you […]

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