Fake Vaccine Card Sales Have Skyrocketed Since Biden Mandate

The price of fake COVID-19 vaccine cards and the number of vendors selling them have shot up since President Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate plan last week, according to a global cybersecurity company. Check Point Software Technologies found that the typical cost of phony vaccine cards bearing the logo of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was $100 on Sept. 2. The day after Biden’s Sept. 9 announcement, they jumped to $200, according to company spokesperson Ekram Ahmed. The estimated number of sellers also rose from about 1,200 to more than 10,000 during that period, added Ahmed, whose company has been studying the black market for fake vaccine cards. “That week, something changed,” Ahmed said in an interview with Stateline. “We were looking for a reason why and the only thing we can point to is the Biden White House’s announcement. That is what’s causing the change in the black market.”...

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