March 19, 2020 YPB Marketing

YPB Group provides free tracer technology to fight fakes in Covid – 19 Humanitarian Initiative


As the Coronavirus outbreak worsens, global counterfeiters are taking advantage of the worldwide panic, producing and selling fake face masks and Covid-19 testing kits.

YPB Group, a listed Australian company that leads the world in counterfeit product protection solutions, is offering manufacturers of both masks and tests their technology free to help control the rapid spread of fake products.

“We urge manufacturers, no matter where they are, to contact our office via our website – – and we will provide them with our tracer technology to incorporate into their products,” CEO John Houston said.

YBP Group will then, at cost, provide pocket-sized, handheld portable scanners to hospitals, government agencies and other front-line services, globally, to allow them to confirm the authenticity of face masks and testing kits they are using.

In recent weeks, there has been widespread reporting of the sale and distribution of fake face masks, usually counterfeit versions of the popular N95 variant made by 3M.

US Customs officials uncovered six plastic bags containing fake Covid-19 testing kits in a package sent from the UK on March 12.

People are stockpiling masks or buying thousands at once to send to family and friends in parts of the world that have run out, which means supplies of the authentic product are dangerously low and demand is higher than ever.

Chinese authorities have shut down more than 80 shops on e-commerce platform Taobao, run by Alibaba, for selling counterfeit masks, and police found 100,000 fake masks during a raid of an underground factory in Shanghai in early February.

With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, more fake sellers are likely to be popping up on e-commerce sites faster than they can be shut down.

YPB’s T2 invisible tracer technologies are invisible to the human eye, indestructible and can be integrated into polymers, yarn, plastic and ink, and has been certified as safe to EU and FDA standards. “We know that it will take many months for Governments to manage the transmission of this virus and it is vital that emergency services and hospitals have authentic product” John Houston said.

“The longer this goes on, the more counterfeit product will be produced. Our technologies can prevent this and YPB Group is willing to assist with our patented technology. This is an extension of my long-held desire to use our unique technologies for humanity.”

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