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Automotive parts

Anti-counterfeit solutions for spark plugs, motor oil, lubricant, tyres, oil filters, and more

YPB’s anti-counterfeit solutions for automotive parts build trust and loyalty from your customers

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consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for automotive

It’s no secret automotive parts are getting counterfeited at large.

YPB offers brand protection investigators and customers a reliable way to authenticate with visible/invisible technology solutions.

YPB’s range of brand protection technology enhances the security of automotive parts against counterfeiters

Seamless integration

Automotive brand parts protection

Safeguard your customers from dangerous parts

Build trust and reputation with your customers

Build trust and loyalty with YPB solutions.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for automotive

Counterfeiting of automotive parts

1. Counterfeit oil filters

Automotive oil filters are used in motor vehicles to eliminate contaminants made during fuel combustion to maintain a clean engine. But when a fake oil filter is installed, problems are going to occur.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between a fake oil filter from the original due to the high quality of fake oil filters being produced. So what you see on the outside will not be the same as the original oil filter on the inside. The assembly of the fake oil filter will have its shortcomings leading to engine problems, for example, low oil pressure, as the fake oil filter will have a filter element and other parts that are of bad quality.

2. Counterfeit motor oil

Fake automotive oil destroys the branding and innovation of car oil brands. Popular motor oil brands have been victim of counterfeit automotive oil. Counterfeit car oil can take the form of motor oil counterfeiters who are simply re-using a genuine motor oil bottle and refilling it with fake motor oil.

Counterfeit oil can harm the engine where counterfeiters may fill reused containers gathered from landfills with used, dirty oil. Examples of the effects of counterfeit motor oil on engines are overheating, malfunctioning of the engine, fires, and even explosions.

*As a result of counterfeit automotive products, the owners of Mercedes-Benz Group filed a lawsuit in 2017 against Amazon for non-compliance with intellectual property rights.

3. Counterfeit spark plugs

Counterfeit spark plugs are a big problem within the automotive industry. Most premium products are not left alone from being counterfeited. Counterfeit spark plugs are hard to differentiate from original spark plugs without looking very closely.

Fake spark plug side-effects are known to be poor ignition, low fuel economy, slow engine start-up, and fake plugs are known to overheat very quickly due to the low-quality material composition. The users of fake spark plugs find a loss in engine power and spark plugs will overheat. When a spark plug continues to overheat, the spark plug will melt and cause extensive engine damage.

4. Counterfeit car tyres

Counterfeit car tyres are extremely dangerous to the brands that have their names on them, and the people driving with them. Fake car tyres are putting the lives of those who are unaware they are using them at risk of an accident.

A 2015 survey by Highways England reported that one in four tires being used on the road in the UK was a counterfeit.

5. Counterfeit lubricants

The lubricant industry is facing a big problem of having low-quality products being sold with their brand names on the bottles. Counterfeit lubricants are a problem for brands and the people that buy them. The result of counterfeit lubricant causes engine malfunctions, the engine will stop running, overheating, and a decrease in fuel efficiency.

Counterfeit lubricants can be made by the counterfeiters by using a genuine lubricant bottle and refilling it with low-quality lubricant. Counterfeiters of lubricants are also producing their own packaging by purchasing original packaging material, this way it is difficult for anyone to tell the difference between a genuine product and a counterfeit.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for automotive

Solutions to protect your automotive products

Covert supply chain protection

Covert security solutions are materials that are not visible to the human eye. Invisible product security features help brand owners, governments and distributors to verify the authenticity of products. These invisible security materials are materials such as invisible inks and tracer microparticles. To verify the authenticity of a product with these security materials would require a scanning device, either a handheld scanner or an unmodified smartphone. Using a covert solution alone on your lubricant will not protect your products against refilling.

Overt supply chain protection

Overt security solutions are implemented through the use of serialised QR codes or anti-copy codes. The overt QR codes are different to standard self-generated QR codes, in that they are serialised. Serialised QR codes are QR codes labelled on each product with different serial numbers. This allows the brand to track the number of times a product is scanned, and if the product is scanned too many times the brand and customer will be alerted of the counterfeit product. Covert serialised QR codes can be scanned by any unmodified smartphone through the use of the smartphone’s camera.

YPB ProtectCode Plus Smartphone Application

Anti-copy codes are recommended for brands that are seeking high-level security against counterfeiters. Anti-copy codes are serialised and different to standard QR codes. Anti-copy codes are scanned by an android or iOS app. The brand and the customer will use the app to verify whether the product is genuine or not. Anti-copy codes are printed at high quality so that counterfeiters who attempt to copy the code will result in having a lower quality print of the code. The smartphone app will not be able to read this code, and consequently, the anti-copy code will stop the counterfeiter from being able to sell his fake products. Similar to covert security solutions, overt solutions alone will not protect your products from refilling.

Tamper-proof protection

Packaging elements that are destroyed upon opening a product are able to indicate to a customer that a product is new, or not. Tamper-proof packaging examples are tamper-proof labels, bottle caps with a tamper-proof band or security ring, tamper-proof folding boxes, and bottle seals. Tamper-proof devices are a great solution to mitigate product refilling.

Customisable invisible tracers

Customer engagement

Not only are brands protecting their products with overt, and covert anti-counterfeit solutions. Brands are creating engagement with their customers by employing smart packaging. For a customer to be able to verify the authenticity of their products they can now be sure if the products they are buying are genuine, or not. This level of engagement creates trust between the customer and the brand.

Now that brands can be transparent on the products they sell, they are able to deliver more information to their customers through information-rich webpages. These engagement pages can provide a customer with installation instructions/videos, safety information, warranties, and include a section to purchase recommended parts. Once a customer verifies their product as authentic, they are presented with the product details, brand story, and provenance.

Customers can be rewarded with points each time they purchase a new product and scan for authenticity. The features of customer engagement in smart and secure packaging are limitless. When a customer finalises the verification of the product, the brand can store this information and analyse the data at a later stage. Smart packaging is a new marketing channel for product brands. All customer information can be stored and used for re-marketing purposes.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for automotive

Anti-counterfeit Protection for Automotive Brands Visible (Overt) and Invisible (Covert) Solutions

App & App-less Solutions

Digital and material science solutions to protect your brand, engage your customers, and manage your supply chain



Perfect pairing serialised QR code with PIN for product verification.


ProtectCode® Plus

Disruptive anti-copy authentication technology. Easily readable by an unmodified smartphone.


YPB Tracer®

Invisible microparticle technology that can be combined into inks, varnish, plastics and other materials. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



Smartphone readable microparticle technology. Invisible to the human eye. It cannot be replicated, spoofed, or destroyed.



The ultimate brand protection solution integrated with ProtectCode serialised codes to enable supply chain visibility, product verification, and customer engagement.

consumer engagement and anti-counterfeiting for automotive

YPB’s brand protection technologies create a new way to engage, protect and build trust with your customers.

As the automotive industry grows, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to counterfeit products. People are becoming more and more quality conscious, and YPB technology helps brands cater to that demand.

To ensure your products get the attention, trust, and loyalty they deserve. Reach out to YPB for a unique range of anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions specifically for the automotive market.

So if you’re looking for ways to protect your investment and ensure customer confidence, connect with YPB today for a free consultation. We can help you put the right measures in place that will keep your products safe from counterfeiting, fraud, and ensuring the success of your business for now and into the future.

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Share valuable and time-sensitive information about your products, the brand story, provenance, and related parts and accessories to the item your customer has purchased. Our apps and landing pages are fully customisable.

Get a clear understanding of geographic and various analytics data to help you optimise production, marketing, and sales.

Prevent your automotive products from being counterfeited. Get real-time monitoring and alerts for potential counterfeit automotive products and diversion of goods.

Track and trace is the perfect solution to ensure that you have full visibility of your automotive products throughout its entire journey from manufacturer all-the-way to your customers!

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