July 29, 2020 YPB Marketing

Key monetisation milestone with MotifMicro on Android

  • MotifMicro now readable by Android smartphone operating system
  • Critical final technical step prior to monetisation of MotifMicro
  • Development partners now able to offer clients MotifMicro solutions
  • Android functionality part of 2nd generation MotifMicro “APP”

Product authentication and consumer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) (“YPB” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has now achieved a critical technical milestone with Android smartphone readability of its proprietary MotifMicro technology.

Importantly, this technical step is also a key commercial milestone. Adding Android functionality to the existing iOS capability of MotifMicro has been the final technical hurdle in MotifMicro’s commercial development path as the capacity to detect MotifMicro with either of the two smartphone operating systems is necessary for wide market coverage.

Early adopting development partners PanPass, China’s largest security label printer, and OPP Gravure Printing, a leading Thai commercial printer, have been awaiting Android prior to offering MotiMicro to their own customers.

In the meantime, both have been instrumental in proving-up MotifMicro’s commercial readiness. PanPass has proven the suitability of MotifMicro to production line conditions of the key commercial printing methods and OPP has proven the same for a new high security shrink wrap solution.

Android capability is particularly critical in the China market where Android phones hold 80% market share. COVID-19 has stimulated global interest in product authentication technologies and particularly so in China. A high security, invisible, forensic authentication mark readable by smartphone is generating considerable interest from existing and potential new channel partners.

The Android capability will be included in the 2nd generation MotifMicro APP which has also just been completed. Smartphone readability development is highly dependent on Artificial Intelligence skills and capacity. YPB’s Bangkok team has advanced skills in this field which have been instrumental in the recent advances in the MotifMicro APP.

YPB Group CEO John Houston said: “Achieving a seamless capacity to read MotifMicro under real world conditions by either of the two dominant operating systems means we now have a market-ready product.  We are budgeting for first revenues from MotifMicro in the current half year. This is of tremendous importance to YPB as MotifMicro is truly a product for high volume, mass consumer markets.”

This announcement has been authorised by the Board of YPB Group Limited.

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