November 18, 2019 YPB Marketing

Motif Micro passes second critical commercialisation milestone

  • Motif Micro successful in “flexo” printing trials at China’s PanPass Inc
  • Motif Micro high security labels printed in “real world’ high volume production run – believed to be a world first
  • Error-free trial puts YPB ahead of commercialisation schedule with first MM client
  • Follows recent certification of Motif Micro 1 as food safe to FDA and China standards
  • Two highly value-enhancing milestones now achieved

We are pleased to announce the successful commercial production implementation of its Motif Micro smartphone readable authentication solution at PanPass’ flexo printing line in China.   This is a critical milestone confirming the path to revenue generation for this novel technology.

YPB recently announced (September 16th 2019) the signing of PanPass Inc. as the maiden client for its ground breaking technology, Motif Micro, believed to be the world’s first smartphone readable forensic authentication solution. PanPass is reputedly China’s largest security label supplier with annual volumes of 15 billion labels.

The trial with PanPass was a high volume commercial production run where the YPB’s Motif Micro 1 forensic physical marker was successfully incorporated into thousands of flexo ink labels – effectively standard “real world” conditions for a high volume production line.

The incorporation of the Motif Micro 1 particles into ink meant no change to the production equipment or line, the resultant labels were not distorted by the presence of Motif Micro and the accuracy of the smartphone scan of the labels to detect the presence of Motif Micro 1 was excellent.

This successful Panpass trial is a highly value-enhancing milestone for YPB as it proves the scalability, simplicity, effectiveness and accuracy of Motif Micro under commercial production conditions.

This trial is believed to be a historic world first – the printing of a high security smartphone readable authentication technology on a commercial printing line.  It demonstrates Motif Micro 1 can be quickly and seamlessly incorporated into existing production processes with no disruption and with negligible incremental cost.

It follows the successful certification of Motif Micro 1 (announced November 12th 2019) as food safe to FDA and China standards by SGS, the world’s leading certification Company.  That certification not only ensured an open door to the vast food packaging industry but also to the large and rapidly growing wellness, health and beauty sector whose products are ingested or applied to the skin.

YPB Group CEO, John Houston, said: “This trial is a highly value-creating milestone for YPB.  Printing labels containing Motif Micro 1 in high volume on a standard print line to produce a highly secure authentication technology for mass consumer goods categorically confirms the commerciality of our solution.  Smartphone readability of a forensic authentication mark is so valuable as it allows viral dissemination of a top-of-the-line anti-counterfeit solution due to the ubiquity of the enabling technology, namely, the smartphone.  The appeal to consumer brands is that confirmation of product authenticity is a powerful trigger to engagement and our Connect solution allows the confirmation scan to open a direct channel between the brand and the consumer.  Brands are able to protect their consumers and brand value from counterfeit but also have a new, direct channel for engagement with a known consumer.  The PanPass trial clearly demonstrates the ease of commercial implementation of Motif Micro 1 and is a major advance toward driving our revenues.   Further Moti Micro 1 trials are in process and we look forward to report on these as more substrates are trialed.”