MultiSec® Shield

Powered by MotifMicro®

Smartphone Readable Authentication Technology

Fake documents are threatening the health and safety of communities
around the world

YPB has launched an easy to implement product MultiSec® Shield to protect COVID-19 vaccination records and certificates, and for that matter any other related documents.

Forensic smartphone readable security over-laminate

Customisable to any card or document solution.

YPB’s MultiSec® Shield authentication product is able to be adapted to any card, document or certificate.

Benefits of the YPB MultiSec® Shield

Provides a security over-laminate that is smartphone readable

Protects cards or documents from wear and tear

Secures your documents against counterfeits

Improves document appearance

Documents remain easy to read

Smartphone readable to easily detect fakes

Secure your documents with MultiSec® Shield

Register your details

Apply to become an approved distributor or direct customer

Government approved printers can offer this solution

Government departments easily protect vital records from fakes

Hospitality operators easily authenticate visitors to your venue

Frontline workers carry an unable to be faked certificate

Airlines your staff can easily authenticate travel documents

*All applications will be subject to our due diligence processes including customer identification and verification inline with our commercial security protocol.

MultiSec® Shield

Powered by MotifMicro®

  • Readable by an unmodified smartphone
  • Invisible to the human eye, cannot be copied, destroyed or spoofed
  • Can easily be incorporated into inks, plastics, and polymers
  • MotifMicro™ proprietary to YPB and patent protected
  • Verified by SGS to meet FDA food contact requirements

MultiSec® Shield Applications

YPB MultiSec® Shield forensic security laminate is tough and can transform your weakest link into a source of strength. The security over-laminate provides an uncompromisable layer of protection against your documents being counterfeited as it allows the end user to verify the authenticity of the document using a smartphone.

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