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  • Counterfeiting has been a significant issue for various industries for decades, resulting in lost revenue for legitimate businesses and posing risks to consumer safety and security. With the rise of e-commerce and global trade, counterfeiters find it easier to produce and distribute fake products, making it a more challenging problem to solve.   YPB Group […]

  • In today’s global marketplace, counterfeiting is a major issue for businesses and consumers alike. Counterfeit products not only pose a serious threat to public health and safety but also undermine the trust and reputation of legitimate brands. To combat counterfeiting, companies are increasingly turning to anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement technologies, such as serialised QR codes. […]

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands are constantly looking for ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace and connect with their target audience. One effective way to achieve this is through the use of QR labels, which not only engage consumers but also provide an added layer of anti-counterfeiting protection. In this article, we’ll explore […]

  • In the world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketing, the fight against counterfeit products can be a never-ending battle. However, with the use of Quick Response (QR) labels, you can protect your brand and boost customer engagement at the same time. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of QR label marketing and anti-counterfeiting, and […]

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