Certainty of authenticity and next level customer engagement.

ProtectCode is YPB’s highest security authentication mark that integrates an invisible to the human eye, Motif Micro covert tracer with a uniquely designed serialised QR code to deliver certainty of authenticity.

When placed on, or as part of, product packaging a ProtectCode provides verification of authenticity from the point of manufacture, through every step of the supply chain to point of sale – all via your smartphone. At the point of sale, customers who scan a ProtectCode with their smartphone to verify authenticity immediately create a link from the physical product to the digital world, enabling authenticity to trigger engagement with the brand.

To authenticate a product the customer simply downloads the ProtectCode app to their smartphone, then opens it and scans the ProtectCode on the product. If a genuine ProtectCode is detected the app directs the user to hold their smartphone on the ProtectCode to complete the 2 factor authentication process and verify certainty of authenticity.

If it’s a not a genuine ProtectCode and therefore not an authentic product , the user is alerted and can report it at the click of a button.

This scan information is captured in our advanced marketing platform called YPB Connect, and this is where brands get really excited. Because authenticity triggers engagement, after a product has been authenticated customers can be presented with a whole range of engaging digital experiences, from being automatically sent to a brand’s website or social media pages, to entering a competition, registering a warranty, viewing exclusive video content or even receiving an instant win prize notification.

To find out more about YPB’s ProtectCode and the YPB Connect marketing platform, or for a live demo of how it works, email us at