ProtectCode® Plus

Disruptive anti-copy code technology

Experience the security of ProtectCode® Plus


Get the UDID for your device (for the demo only iOS is currently supported) by going to then send an email with your UDID, Name, Phone, and Company Name to for permission to use the app.*


After emailing your details from Step 1, wait for YPB to email you the link to download the app.


Download either sample label for printing, it must be in black and white at the original size (do not scale).

  • A4 paper: Click this link to download and print on a laser desktop printer at 1200 DPI.
  • Commercial printing: Click this link to download the label for printing on HP Indigo, the resolution must be a minimum of 812 DPI.

*If you would like to print on UV inkjet, gravure, or offset press, then please email us at for an alternative ProtectCode Plus.


Scan the ProtectCode Plus feature on the label using the ProtectCode Plus app.

ProtectCode Plus Devices

The demo app is only available for iOS

Download Example