Stop theft.
Gather customer data.
Drive customer engagement.

Reducing stock loss and increasing foot traffic is easier than you think

In retail, delivering an outstanding customer experience at every point of the sales journey is key. Nobody knows this better than YPB, which is why we have a full suite of proven retail solutions that enhance that journey, from front of store to stockroom.

Retail anti-theft

Keeping your stock at optimal levels is hard enough without having to account for theft and damage. YPB’s retail anti-theft solutions are proven to reduce theft by up to 70% and cover everything from the world’s most secure alarming tag, Concept Tag, to innovative microwaveable food tags, security wraps and bottle security caps, to RF and AM security gates.

Shopper insights and proximity marketing

Beacons are an increasingly popular, low cost proximity technology that measure foot traffic and trigger customer engagement by sending special offers to customers through their smartphone for a deeply personalised time and place user experience.

Beacons gather data from mobile phones and recognise when smartphone users are within their proximity. Each time a smartphone passes by it records the time, age and gender of the user in an anonymised format, to ensure personal identity is never revealed.

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