December 19, 2018 YPB Marketing

Revenues commencing from new customers!

YPB China update Highlights:

  • Revenues commencing from new customers signed in September and October
  • Protecting one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers
  • Presentation at 13th Annual Security Document Summit

Product authenticity and consumer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Ltd (“YPB”) is pleased to provide a market update on its commercial activities in China subsequent to announcements released in recent months.

As per announcement released 7 September 2018, YPB entered into a channel partner agreement with Shenzhen Meixin Electronics (Meixin), a company that supplies to one of the world’s top three manufacturers of smartphones. YPB is pleased to advise that revenues have commenced from the rollout across tens of millions of product units using YPB’s tracer solution to verify the authenticity of componentry that is critical in the electronics supply-chain.

Further to the announcement released 3 October 2018, initial revenues have commenced through the Chinese Shampoo brand rolling out initially across two million bottles. Following their lead, it is anticipated that other brands serviced by the same plastics and bottling group may be encouraged to adopt YPB’s solution, thus potentially expanding revenues from this key channel partner.

On 3 September 2018 the company announced the signing of CCN technologies, a label supplier to some the world’s major automotive groups and petrochemical companies. YPB is pleased to advise that revenues have commenced from an initial rollout across 40 millions labels.

Based on initial revenues to date from each of these channel partner contracts, the outlook is encouraging for revenues in 2019 CY to meet management expectations disclosed in the announcements referenced above.

13th Annual Security Document Summit (SDS)

YPB’s CTO Dr. Paul Bisso presented Motif Micro’s breakthrough smartphone readability of a forensic anti-counterfeit mark in China for the first time at the SDS held in Beijing October 17th-18th to Government and Industry representatives from 30 countries.

Chief Executive Officer, John Houston said,
“With a tightening regulatory regime, rising consumer expectations and brands seeking better market intelligence on consumer buying behaviours and the physical journey of their products, the China market increasingly represents a tremendous opportunity for the distribution of YPB’s product authentication and consumer engagement solutions.”


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