November 28, 2019 YPB Marketing

US Patent Office formally allows key technology Claims

  • YPB holds the perpetual rights to the MotifMicro family of patents from MIT
  • Additional key claims now formally allowed by US Patent and Trademark office
  • Advances the development path of the second generation of MotifMicro in 2020

Product authentication and consumer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) is pleased to announce that the US Patent and Trademark Office has formally issued a Notice of Allowance for MIT Case No: 15231L “Rare Earth Spatial/Spectral Microparticle Barcodes for Labelling of Objects and Tissues, under US Application No.: 15/387,889”.

MotifMicro is an existing family of patents granted in the USA. Key additional claims which extend the coverage of the patent family have now been allowed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The novelty and power of MotifMicro is illustrated by the allowance’s coverage of, amongst other aspects, biological materials such as nucleic acids.

The extension is highly commercially significant as it confirms MotifMicro’s serialisation capability, one of its primary commercial benefits along with smartphone readability. Serialisation, or unique digital identities for every item produced, will eventually become widespread due to consumer demand for authenticity and provenance, and is essential where for example blockchain is used in a supply chain.

The extension of the patent coverage also supports YPB’s ability to fund the development of MotifMicro. Many industries are interested in preventing spoofing or counterfeiting of a wide range of materials. One of YPB’s China clients, for example, presently marks glue used in global brand consumer goods with YPB technology to prevent substitution.

The Notice of Allowance was formally issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 30 August 2019 and sent by mail to the Patent attorneys for the patent owner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, however due to the extended nature of the patent application process, and several changes to relevant personnel, YPB did not receive the Notice until November 26th 2019.

YPB Group CEO, John Houston, said: “This formal allowance by the US Patent and Trademark Office is a vital step towards confirming MotifMicro’s power to securely mark products and packaging globally, cementing its commercial value and possibly opening value-creating funding sources for its second generation development.”


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