Guaranteeing global identification every time

What is VariSec®?

Governments and official bodies function on a simple premise – every document and every official transaction must be verified. YPB’s Variable Security Technologies (VariSec®) is a high-security stamping foil for use in passports, currency and controlled documents. Unable to be replicated using conventional printing presses, VariSec® already provides peace of mind to governments around the world.

VariSec® can be applied using conventional hot stamping methods and enhances other protection measures. As a strong deterrent against counterfeiting, the technology can be used on passport covers and bio-security pages for advanced security.

Often combined with our Mul-T-Gram® hologram technology, VariSec® keeps the world moving and brands protected all year round. Contact us to learn more about this YPB global authentication solution.

VariSec® technology has been issued in more than 220 million ePassports, and is growing each year.

VariSec® can be manufactured to use on passport/visas, bio-data pages or on a passport cover

VariSec® has been tested using accelerated aging and Taber Abrasion resistance so as to comply with durability requirements withstanding a 10-year life

VariSec® technology can be embedded in an ID and provide a 'dormant' overt and covert feature that only becomes visible after an issuance process/personalisation has taken place


Can be verified visually or with the use of an audible or visual read-back device.


Can be customised to include both covert and overt security features.


Has been tested using accelerated ageing and abrasion resistance technology to ensure a 10-year life cycle.


Can be embedded in an ID to provide a ‘dormant’ security feature that only becomes visible after an issuance process has taken place.

Overt Feature

• Edge-to-Edge perfect registration.

• Variable image position.

• Micro embossing (additional overt feature).

Covert Feature

• IR Up Conversion in invisible graphics.

• Variable image position.

• IR Up Conversion in overt graphics.

• Multiple IR Conversion (foil & overt graphics).


Passports, visas, currency, tax stamps, vital records, packaging and brand security labels.

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