NFC and Vintail®

Digitally connecting to your consumers

Usually, labels and tags on products are trying to provide consumers with a wealth of information in a very small space in an attractive and engaging way. Supermarket shelves are filled with examples of companies that do this well, and many more that don’t.

But what if your brand didn’t have to worry about the size of your label, and could provide an endless stream of information to your consumers with just one scan of a small tag using a smartphone?

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology transmits information wirelessly over small distances, and when used on a tag provide a bridge between your brand and your consumers.

NFC tags are small, durable, lightweight and inexpensive and can be embedded into physical products that would otherwise have no digital connectivity. Brands can deliver a range of consumer loyalty and upselling experiences all within a tag the size of a coin – the possibilities are endless.

What is Vintail®

NFC technology combined with a ‘tail’ results in our patented Vintail® technology. Vintail® can be used to detect if packages have previously been opened, and in combination with our YPB Connect Platform can provide evidence of tampering.

Our bespoke Vintail® labels can also be scanned by a smartphone, allowing for consumers to be part of the authenticity journey and engage with your brand’s digital content. To see how authenticity can trigger engagement contact us today.

Key features of Vintail®

In combination with YPB Connect Platform Vintail® provides evidence of tampering. It’s as simple as tapping your smartphone on the Vintail® NFC. The customer then knows if the product has, or has not been tampered with and that it is authentic. The customer can then interact with the digital content enhancing its offline counterpart, allowing the brand to provide marketing engagement campaigns.

The YPB NFC label can be specifically designed with an enhanced environmental resistance for demanding brand and retail applications.

Our bespoke NFC labels pave the way to a new customer experience solution that can include loyalty opportunities and provides certainty of authenticity.

This product helps bridge the physical to the digital world for companies and customers via YPB Connect Platform.

Technical specs

10 cm
Max read range
4 mA
Operating Power
106 kbit/s
Data Rate
144 bytes
13.56 MHz


Packaging, caps and closures, fiber, wine and spirits.

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