October 2, 2019 YPB Marketing

Your quick guide to how NFC technology can protect your brand

NFC technology was invented in 2002, but it’s only now delivering on its true potential to stop counterfeiting and deliver better customer engagement – here’s our top 5 reasons why your business needs NFC in 2019.

Originally conceived as an adjacent and supporting technology to radio-frequency identification (RFID), NFC has now become a key anti-counterfeiting and marketing tool in its own right, and the NFC market is expected to grow 17.9% over the next 10 years. But what exactly is NFC, and why are more businesses using it for brand protection and customer engagement?

  1. NFC delivers product authentication and stops fakes

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables compatible devices to communicate over short ranges, officially up to 4cm apart, but in practice it can be up to 10cm. Generally this means wireless connectivity between a tag or small transmitter, and a reader like a smartphone.

Each NFC tag has a unique international identifier that is impossible to duplicate, so within seconds of scanning an NFC tag someone like a customs agent, or an actual customer, can confirm a product’s authenticity. YPB combines NFC technology with our Vintail labels to trigger engagement with each and every customer, and prove authenticity of your product, all with a quick tap of their smartphone.

  1. NFC technology is easier to use than ever

Android has long had in-built NFC technology, but until 2017 most Apple iPhones required customers to download an app to use NFC. But, as of iOS 11, an app is no longer needed, and third-party developers can finally have iPhones read NFC tags.

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 2.2 billion NFC-enabled handsets, so people all over the world can immediately find out your product’s provenance, specific attributes and visit your brand’s website. Both YPB NFC technology and YPB NFC Vintail tags are easy to include on any brand packaging, and will immediately trigger interactions with your customer when scanned – your customers will find it easier than ever before to engage with your brand.

  1. NFC triggers marketing engagement opportunities

NFC tags can do more than just verify if a product is fake or not – they can be programmed with exclusive content for your customers. Nike recently embedded NFC tags in its Chelsea soccer jerseys that, once scanned by the NikeConnect app, unlocked prizes like courtside seats and autographed jerseys.

YPB NFC labels are completely bespoke, designed specifically for each brand to contain digital content that will engage your particular customers. Once combined with the cloud-based YPB Connect Platform anything is possible – social media integration, dynamic video content, and even the ability to have different content before and after purchase to keep your customers engaged throughout the brand journey.

  1. NFC helps builds customer profiles for better engagement

Of course, you need to constantly update your customer data, and there is no better way to do that than at the point of sale. Relying on customers to fill in a survey, or interact with digital content separate from a product, will always create barriers. But, with NFC technology customers interact with your brand when it is front of mind – at the point of purchase.

The YPB Connect Platform can harvest customer profiles from each and every NFC interaction, and your brand can then create more tailored content for your customers, increasing brand engagement over time.

  1. NFC increases brand loyalty

Your customers are engaged, and you know them better than ever, but now you want to make sure they come back again and again. Spanish wine brand Barbadillo used NFC tags on their bottles to allow customers to visit a microsite and enter a contest to win 1000 euros. The ‘smart bottles’ generated 54% brand engagement and doubled the rate of growth of subscribers.

Using YPB NFC tags and the YPB Connect Platform allows you to activate campaigns such as competitions, but also offer long-term brand loyalty content such as product care tips, registration to claim ownership, and subscriptions to newsletter and membership services.

Your customers are just one tap of their smartphone away from increased brand engagement – find out how we can tailor NFC technology to deliver stellar marketing results for your brand in 2019.