September 24, 2018 Sarah

YPB Adds Authenticity To Namaste Technologies’ Strategy For Recreational Marijuana Market

A recent article in the highly respected Forbes Magazine placed YPB at the forefront of Namaste Technologies’ recipe for success in the recreational cannabis market, and gives a great overview of why the YPB/Namaste partnership could deliver substantial value for YPB shareholders.

Here’s an excerpt from the article …

In June 2018, Namaste entered into a three-year exclusive partnership with YPB Group Ltd., an Australia-based product verification and customer engagement company, to provide product authenticity, provenance and supply chain integrity to its customers, both manufacturers and medical patients. The partnership will enable sellers on Namaste’s platform to mark their products with a ProtectCode using YPB’s Connect platform to ensure the authenticity of the cannabis being bought by the patients. 

Further, Namaste will utilize the customer data generated from the smartphone scan of these products and use it for further analysis through YPB Connect.

With this partnership, Namaste plans to offer secure distribution of recreational cannabis online and in provincially operated dispensaries once it becomes legal in October. YPB’s superior authentication technology, coupled with Namaste’s age and identity verification, and facial recognition technology, will enable the latter to offer a safe protocol for online sale of cannabis, which is not being offered by any other player at the moment. This is likely to establish Namaste as the trusted source of authentic cannabis products in all its markets.

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